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Golf Ball Review and Selection Guide


If you are like most golfers, you may be looking for Golf Ball Reviews so you can maximise your distance and lower your scores.

The best golf ball for your game depends on several factors including your handicap, swing speed, and equipment specifications.

The reality is that the balls used by Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, or Inbee Park will most likely not be your best choice for maximum distance, feel, and accuracy because they are designed for their unique characteristics and abilities.


Golf Ball Types and Their Constructions


There are 3 basic types of golf balls on the market today. Let's look at their constructions and what type of golfer should use them to lower his or her total score.


2 Piece Golf Balls:

This type of ball makes up the majority of the market from all the leading manufacturers. It features a large, solid rubber core (shown in blue) surrounded by a plastic or urethane (rubber) cover.

Golf ball engineers can alter the performance of the finished ball by changing the size of core, the compression of the core, and the softness of the cover.

2-Piece balls are typically your game improvement or distance balls. The large core provides a lot of velocity when struck by the club face.

These balls are typically lower spinning, which means your undesirable slice or hook spin will not be as pronounced and the ball will fly straighter. Lower compression models of 2 piece balls perform well for men, women, and children with slower swing speeds (<85 mph).


3 Piece Hybrid Golf Balls:

Hybrid golf balls have a solid core surrounded by a "mantle" layer (show in green). This 2 piece assembly is then surrounded by a soft plastic or urethane rubber cover. These balls combine the forgiveness of a 2 piece model, with the increased performance and spin control of a 3 piece construction.

Engineers can adjust the core and thin layer to end up with a playable, performance ball for a variety of golfers. They are quite a revolution.


3 or 4 Piece performance Golf Balls:

Professional and low handicap golfers with high swing speeds need a ball with low initial spin (for distance) and high iron spin (for precision). A 3 or 4 piece ball meets these requirements with a unique "dual core" design.

In a 4 piece construction, the 2 piece core (shown in green and light grey) is surrounded by a thin mantle layer, and then a urethane, dimpled cover. The urethane cover in conjunction with the other components give these balls the "drop and stop" action you see on the weekend broadcasts.


Determine the Best Golf Ball for Your Game


In this section you will determine the correct ball for you based on your current game and type of play. I have divided the page into 3 categories of golfers for easy ball type selection.

Category 1- Novice Golfer

If you are just starting to play or are inconsistent this is your category. Your score is typically 105 or greater for 18 holes and your handicap is over 20. About 50% of recreational golfers fall in this category. You can definitely benefit from a low spinning, 2 piece golf ball.  

If you have a slower swing speed (<85 mph), a lower compression ball is in order. If your have a medium or higher swing speed, a firmer construction is a nice bet.

Category 1- Intermediate Golfer

You are fairly accomplished but suffer from the occasional big number (you know, an 8!). You're basically a bogey golfer with a few pars thrown in and a rare birdie. Your scores range from the high 80's to the mid 90's. You have a pretty good handle on your game and are looking to become a little more consistent in order to shoot in the 80's and begin to flirt with the 70's.

The type of ball you should be using depends on a few more factors. If you can hit it reasonably straight and or have a predictable shot pattern, a medium spin 2 piece ball or 3-P hybrid ball would be a good choice. If your shot pattern is erractic, you should stick with a lower spinning 2 piece construction.

Category 3 - The Accomplished Golfer

You are a skilled golfer and have a handle on most aspects of the game. Your handicap is <12 and you score in the 70's and low 80's. You have command of your swing and hit the ball with authority and consistency. Your touch around the greens is excellent and you have a handful of birdies per round to offset your bad hole.

You need a ball that is long off the tee but provides the feel you desire for the shots around the green and putting; the scoring shots. You would most benefit from a 3-Piece or 4-Piece performance ball.


 Golf Ball Selection and Purchase Guide


Now in its 12th year, has been helping golfers all over the world choose the best golf ball for their games.


Important: Due to the speed at which new product enters the market, you will find up-to-date golf ball reviews and ratings in the new 2014 version of our Golf Ball Selection Guide.


A full range of golf balls for players from the highly skilled to high handicap golfers are covered.


Special emphasis is placed on understanding the formula for increased distance, especially for golfers with slower driver swing speeds.


The best golf ball for seniors will maximize carry distance with optimal roll resulting in maximum total distance for a golfer's swing speed, equipment, physical limitations, etc...


In fact, today's products are nothing short of incredible, especially when combined with the amazing advancements in driver and iron designs. It is indeed a great time in history to be playing this great game!


The correct golf ball with explode off the "trampoline-like" faces of today's drivers, resulting in maximum compression and ball speed.


All the top brands including Titleist, Nike, Srixon, Taylormade, Bridgestone, etc.. are referenced including a breakdown of the composition of the various models.


Low compression, 2-Piece (a core and cover) golf balls on up to 5 piece, "Tour" balls are discussed in detail.

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